Pharmaceutical Dispensing

Pharmaceutical Dispensing

Are you aware that one out of three patients may not be getting their needed prescriptions filled at a pharmacy?  One key reason why physicians are now filling prescriptions is to ensure their patients are getting their medication before leaving the office.  Dispensing also improves patient satisfaction and compliance.
Physician dispensing is easy and uses pre-packaged containers eliminating the need to count pills.  As one of the top 3 ancillary services utilized for ease of use, low cost, and profitability, dispensing has been adopted by many physicians to enhance their patient outcomes and revenue.

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Dispensing Features
There is a dispensing program for every physician specialty and selecting the proper medications and billing options are two of the keys to success.
MedX Sales has relationships with many pharmaceutical wholesalers and repackagers to provide a custom formulary for your patients prescription requirements.
Choosing the right billing options depends greatly on your formulary, patient demographics, and location.  MedX will do a thorough analysis of your practice and make recommendations for a successful dispensing program.
Generic, Brand, and Specialty Medications are all available.
Billing Options Available Include:
  • Cash/Carry
  • Commercial / Private Pay
  • Workers Compensation
  • PIP (Personal Injury Protection)
Compliance is at the forefront of any pharmaceutical dispensing program.  MedX will guide you every step of the way.  The web-based dispensing software compliantly labels bottles, provides DUR checks, stores prescription history, and reports to your state’s prescription monitoring program.
Single Use Injection Kits
Injection Kits include most of the necessary components needed to administer to patients for ease of use.  Each injection kit comes with gloves, gauze, bandages, swabsticks, prep pads, and appropriate medications.
Patient Use
The Single Use Injection Kits (SUIK) are a one time use for in office application.  SUIK allow the ability to track the active ingredients, in case of adverse reactions, or recalls from the manufacturers.
Injection Kit Features
  • Easy complete packaging with all necessary materials needed for single use application.
  • Administered at point-of-care.
  • MedX Sales will handle the billing.
  • Promotes safe injection practices.
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Managing the Program
One of the keystones of every MedX dispensing program is management.  MedX handles:
  • Staff initial and ongoing training
  • Provides Web-based Pharmaceutical Dispensing Software
  • Customer and Technical Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Insurance billing, Collections, and Cash Management
  • Ongoing Consulting
MedX Sales will manage your pharmaceutical dispensing program and provide reports needed to stay organized.  Incorporating pharmaceutical dispensing will improve the financial performance of your medical practice and patient outcomes.

Ancillary Services

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