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Practicing medicine today is more challenging than ever before.

Treatment Options

Medication shortages are forcing doctors to look at alternative modalities when treating patients.

Ancillary Services

What ancillary services have you incorporated to protect your practice?
MedXSales Ancillary Services

About MedX Sales

MedX Sales is a U.S. based healthcare sales and management company dedicated to helping physician groups, clinics, and urgent cares retain their independence. Since 2005, MedX Sales has helped hundreds of medical service providers coast to coast. We offer ancillary revenue products and services including pharmaceutical dispensing and durable medical equipment solutions. Our products and services improve patient convenience, outcomes, and revenue.
Physicians choose MedX Sales because of our knowledge, experience, consultative approach, and track record for success.  Physicians choose to stay with MedX Sales because of our customer service, problem solving skills, and ability to deliver what we promise.

Why Choose MedX Sales
As a sales and management company specializing in ancillary revenue products and services, we carefully select our programs based on ease of use, low financial barrier to start, and profit potential.  Adding ancillary products and services to  your medical practice improves the financial bottom line without adding expensive overhead or treating additional patients.  Now is the time to capture lost revenue!
Already providing some of the programs we offer?  Let MedX Sales show you how to streamline your staff efforts, lower costs, and increase profitability.

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