VPULSE Cold Compression

VPULSE Cold Compression

Presently, VPulse management program is for workers compensation and personal injury patients.  Orthopedic, Pain, Podiatry, and Occupational Medicine are ideal candidates for this program.
Vpulse includes everything in the box for your patients to use at home.  Easy to use buttons activate the features so the patient can independently turn on sequential compression for DVT prevention, cold therapy, or compression therapy at the wound site.
VPulse combines motorized cold therapy and wound compression to help reduce operative site discomfort and inflammation.  White papers have been written concluding combining both therapies is better than doing each therapy alone.
VPulse has three distinct therapies to improve patient outcomes.  It can also reduce the total cost of an orthopedic episode while increasing patient satisfaction.  Additionally, VPulse offers rapid impulse calf compression to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT).  Sequential Compression Devices are often used in hospitals and surgery centers however, patients often have a DVT complication once they come home.  VPULSE minimizes the risk of venous thromboembolism.
Many practices, utilizing an in-house durable medical equipment program, choose third party companies to provide this device to patients.  MedX Sales has now made this ancillary service available to everyone.

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VPulse can:
  • Lower risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE)
  • Provides possible alternative to anticoagulants
  • Provides convenient home therapy
  • Improves patient experience
  • Improves compliance
  • Lowers total cost
VPulse Features
  • No upfront financial investment.
  • No product fulfillment. Just write the prescription.  VPulse is shipped directly to your patients.
  • No billing or collections.
  • No long-term contractual commitment.
Managing The Program
One of the keystones of every MedX ancillary service is management.  MedX handles:
  • Staff initial and ongoing training
  • Patient VPulse fulfillment and training
  • Customer service
  • Inventory Management
  • Insurance Billing, Collections, and Cash Management
  • Ongoing Consulting
MedX Sales will manage your VPULSE program and provide reports needed to stay organized.  Incorporating VPULSE will improve the financial performance of your medical practice and patient outcomes.

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